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Lenovo calls some ThinkPad X1 Laptops due to hardware high temperature problems

Lenovo has called some of the fifth-generation X1 Carbon laptops. The company says that a limited number of devices may contain a screw loose can cause battery damage, causing the high temperature of the device and the risk of fire. Lenovo asks owners of these devices, announced between 2016 and …

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AMD Design: Zen 2 is completed and released later in 2018 for customers – and the next generation of EPYC Rome skips 12 nm to 7 nm

During the recall of the fourth quarter of 2017, AMD confirmed that the design of the next generation of Zen 2 architecture has become complete and ready to issue samples later in 2018. This may mean that we may see the second generation of Zain architecture spread among products in …

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EVGA announces its latest power source G + 1

The SuperNOVA G1 from EVGA is one of the best sources of energy. In terms of performance and long life span in the technology market. Although only a few changes have been made over the years. This means that it is time to update. It’s time to buy the G1 …

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