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7 Most Anticipated Gadgets Of 2015

As a Smartphone use, I am looking forward to 2015, as I am expecting some mind-blowing gadgets, which would be able to meet our expectation. And I can say, you guys are not less excited about that. The brands are quite aware of that, for what they are keeping it surprise. Now, we can check 7 most anticipated gadgets of 2015, which may amuse us.

Better processor, better battery backup, better resolution and better camera quality, all the smart gadget brands are working on these four specifications specially.  And we’ve mentioned earlier about Snapdragon 810 flagship with 64 bit Android. So, we can really expect something big is going down in the mid and later part of 2015.

There are so many rumors about upcoming smart devices and we can’t trust them all, though these rumors are quite amazing. Now, let’s take a quick tour over the following text, where we will be discussing about the 7 most anticipated gadgets of 2015.


Either LG is going to make a new move or they are making another flop, as they coming with LG G4 with their very own LG system Chip. LG is working on better 5.5” Quad HD display after the release of G3. However, if LG can maintain their lower pricing factor, G4 will be a fab.

Expected release date: May 2015

HTC One (M9)

Am making you guys confused? Truly, I just love HTC One (M8) because of its standard look, stylist all-aluminum finish and sturdy grip. Though the UltraPixel Camera of One (M8) was kind of a disaster, HTC is going to make it up with the upcoming One (M9). HTC One (M9), we can hope for the most beautiful and smoothest Smartphone.

Expected release date: Early March 2015

Apple_iPad_Event03Apple iPad Pro (12” model)

Apple was working on this 12” iPad Pro for a while and seems like 2015 will be the year when Apple will release their newest invention. The 12” Apple iPad Pro is definitely going to change the definition of both tablet and iPad line up. The Apple iPad Pro is come with developed iOS and the users will be able to do multitasking.

Expected release date: Spring 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is one of the most giants in Smartphones industry and the Galaxy S6 is expected to bring the biggest change in Samsung’s flagship lineup. That device will be able to make a unique identity, for what Samsung has referred the gadget as “Project Zero” internally. Let me give you some hits. Galaxy S6 is going to hold better metal frame than Galaxy Alpha and note 4. And there will be the new and faster Snapdragon 810 with 64 bit chip.img_img01

Expected release date: Early March 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 

It’s been 1.5 years since Galaxy Note 4 released and now we are waiting for better Note 5. This one is going to be the biggest note and can be mentioned as Phablet. The 5.9” HD display with a massively sharper, Ultra HD resolution is going to make a revolution in the Smartphone history. And we can hope for 64-bit system with radically improved S pen.

Expected release date: Early September 2015

Apple Watch

Apple Watch!!! The name was kind of a rumor till the fall of 2014, when Tim Cook and his lieutenants unveiled it at a massive event. Apparently, most of the tech geeks didn’t expect that such early. It’s more like a fashionable device and as expected, Apple watch is very expensive like more of a piece of jewelry.

Expected release date: Spring 2015

Apple iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus

Apply iPhone never cease to amaze us. In 2014, Apple made another record breaking history with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It’s simply remarkable, premium design and evolved with iOS 8 for easy using. Now, what could iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have to stun us in 2015? Though we don’t expect any physical changes, we can expect for better performance in power and camera only.

Expected release date: Mid-September 2015

So, finger crossed for and now waiting for the avail of those excellent gadgets releasing in 2015. Stay with us for more exciting news about upcoming smart gadgets.

Thank you.

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