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A technical defect in the both of ( Skylake and kabylake ) processors

Nowadays there are a lot of rumors about the technical defect in the (Intel microcode processors), Maybe this defect has negative effects on HyperThreading which lead to data corruption and instability in the system.
This defect had been identified by Debian developers.

But we hesitated to publish this news until we had got a formal letter from trusted source.
Now, we can tell you the whole story about this defect.

The story is started when “Henrique de Moraes Holschuh” a developer at Debian, he had published the simple statement that mentioned the defect and its negative effect on subjecting data to corruption and loss or the potential of unexpected behavior from the system.

Also, no one can deny that this mention was caused a large amount of consternation and flap about this defect.
Because of this defect may be considered as dangerous to the users and the daily workflow.
The developer at Deblan had urged people to immediately disable Hyper-Threading technology in order to prevent subjecting data to loss or destruction.

Motherboards Vendors are responsible for resolving bugs in both Skylake and KabyLake processors:
When the defect is fixed through the Motherboards Vendors even if not applied that, there is the possibility of the daily user facing this problem is a too low probability.

So that does not bother to disable HyperThreading technology. Since they updated the “micro coding” technology in “vendors” motherboard in April 2017, the BIOS update should have come to the reality right now.

So that, if you own Skylake or KabyLake devices, we recommended you that continue to keep up with BIOS updates on the Vendor’s motherboard, in order to avoid subjecting to this kind of problems.


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