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AMD Ryzen Threadripper and X399 are expected to be released on 10th of August

AMD is expected to launch the new X399 desktop platform and new processor technology Ryzen Threadripper in early August, according to Kitguru. The new X399 platform features tremendous design and 16-core processor technology support.

AMD began this year with the impressive product known as Ryzen based on the basic Zen architecture. Ryzen has distinguished itself over the years by delivering processors with outstanding performance and competitive prices. The amazing efficiency and high performance of the processor technology compared to other competitors has caused CPU market crashes.

At first, Ryzen targeted the main platforms at $ 500 in the market, and now it launch the first desktop platform known as the X399, which is stronger than the X370 platform, the X399 also includes a new series of processor technology that offers a major upgrade to the chips Ryzen Threadripper Available in early August.

According to sources close to KitGuru, AMD will be forced to launch Threadripper technology starting from August 10 after the transmission date of the announcement from late July to August. This is what we have also heard through active communications. This means that we will see AMD and Intel at the forefront of the market. one more time.

On the other hand, AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors, which will be launched next summer, will have up to 16 core and 32 tracks. Reports say the first stage will be supported by up to 16 core processors and will cost about $ 850.

The chip will also support double the number of product storage units with 16-lane and 12-core Alienware computers. The system is compatible with the Area-51 version of the OEM system for computers. The models also feature the 19 “X” system, Strong hand price and performance.

Source: guru3d.com

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