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Apacer Announces Series DDR2-3600 CL17 Memory Card and DDR4 3466 CL16

Apacer, a world-renowned company with its fast-paced Commando PT920, has announced that it will launch an updated version of higher memory with the same look as DDR4 memory. The new 16-gigabyte DDR2 (2 x 8GB) commando series will come with a dual channel range of frequencies.

Features of new memories:
The new features feature a distinctive heat dispenser with a military-style look. It may not seem appropriate for many users but it may fit some other structures. This memory is very suitable for high-speed graphics systems such as the Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake systems, otherwise the use of 3600MHz will be wasted, and with Ryzen 2 soon it will be appropriate for you to have a memory with these capabilities.

As for memory suppliers, they have not been announced to date, and although Apacers’ history with the memory suppliers is known, SK Hynix is ​​expected to have supplied Apacers more than any other distributor. The new DDR4 3466 comes with a more accurate timing of 16-18-18 – 36 while last year model 18-18 18-24 comes with a 1.35 volts while the DDR4 3600 comes at 17- 19-19-39 and 1.35 volts . The memory is now available to consumers, sold in Europe at a fairly high price of 254 euros for DDR4 3466CL16 memory while the DDR4-3600 memory is sold at 379 euros, which is also fairly high.

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