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Apple launches the second beta of iOS 11 for developers

Apple announced the launch of the second trial of the iOS 11, which was revealed by the company during the Apple Developers Conference WWDC 2017, noting that the new update is available for the Apple platform developers.

The new release of IOS 11 Beta 2 has carried many fixes in addition to many new errors. This is inevitable as the release is currently going through the testing period by developers. All of these errors will be resolved before the official launch of the general user this fall. New features loaded by the new update include:.

No hassle while driving: A new tab will appear for iPhone users, which is a no-hassle mode while driving so that if a user gets a call while driving, through this feature the caller will be notified that the user is not currently available.
To activate the No-hassle feature while driving through the settings then choose the No-hassle option.
The possibility of copying the texts of the alerts: The update IOS 11 BETA 2 version allow copying of texts from notification center, but now we do not know if this feature is intended or is a defect in the update, according to some international technical sites.

Activating the experimental features of the Safari browser: The new update allows the possibility to adjust the settings of the Safari browser through the experience of some of the new features launched for the browser.
These are the most important new features, in addition to some other features such as changing the screen lock in fading mode, in addition to some general repairs.

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