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7 Best PC Games Of 2015

No consoles with cool exclusives can beat the PC, while considering sheer quality and diversity of games. As a PC gamer, you will get tons of offers with amazing feedback to buy personal console for particular games. Please, never fall for that crap. PC is simply best for gaming. In 2015, you won’t have to seat idly. There is something exciting for PC gamers in this year.

From the depth of space to uncountable Hell or from the smallest Indies to largest AAA developers or tiniest journeys to mesmerizing adventures or ideals of reboots and new series, 2015 seems like one of the most exciting years that PC gamers haven’t got for a long time. Now, make your schedule immediately for complete packed gaming year.

So, what do you think? Before you make up your own list, here’s a list of 7 best PC games coming in 2015, fir what the excitement is growing up day by day.


No surprise, GTA V is going to be an impressive accomplishment as a PC game. If you are a regular PC gamer, you must know we all are eagerly waiting for this series for more than a year. The game will be more exciting with powerfully configured PC’s. Let’s hope your PC port is quite good for Rockstar’s game.


Crossing Souls

Can you remember your school life? Did you ever go out for an adventure with your friends in kicking ass Goonies style? If you did so, then this is the game for you, which will make you remember about your childhood. Crossing Souls is currently on Kickstarter, and if funded will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in 2015.


No Man’s Sky

Last year, it was quite exciting how No Man’s Sky simply blow everything at the conference center and it was the first look of this blasting PC game. In 2015, No Man’s Sky will be available both in PS4 and Windows. The graphics design and the color resolution seem like the ever wanted game since we started playing PC games.


Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor is an absolute beauty as PC game. Isn’t playing Killing Floor one of the most exciting games you can have friends on the PC? Dude, I am thinking about getting to my best friend’s home after finishing this review and play Killing Floor for the rest of the night. With a more complex gore system, smarter and more dangerous enemies, improved perks it’s coming to PC and PS4, and while there’s no release date yet here’s hoping it arrives soon.


Among the finest co-op multiplayer PC games, Evolve is going to be one of the best from the Left 4 Dead. In this addition four players play as human hunters, while a fifth plays the monster they’re trying to hunt down. The monster will grow stronger as a match progresses, so the hunters to try and stop it before it gets too powerful. Evolvemight can be the game to hop on Skype with four friends and continuously play for hours and hours on end.


Homefront: The Revolution

The first addition of Homefront was more the Call of Duty, however, the sequel is looking more exciting and entertaining. Taking place several years after the original, Homefront: The Revolution follows American resistance fighters as they wage guerilla warfare on North Korean forces to take back the still-occupied city of Philadelphia. Homefront: The Revolution will be out on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Few games are alike The Witcher, when it comes to putting gaming PC’s on test. These Polish RPGs based on the works of Andrzej Sapkowski have garnered a lot of fans for their hardcore difficulty, dark fantasy world, deep gameplay systems and incredible visuals and it’s looking like Wild Hunt will deliver on all those fronts. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be out on February 24th on Windows, Xbox One and PS4.


Well, these amazing PC games will make this year for you. However, keep in touch for further update about those games and any new one information regarding new techno.

Thank you.

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