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Brainwavz offers its users a S0 IEM noise isolation earpiece

Brainwavz, a global audio company founded in 2008, focused on delivering high-quality products at a competitive price for the availability of S0 IEM noise-isolating speakers. The new headset is the latest in the Brainwavz range of more than 25 earphones, headphones and accessories, Great price of £ 35.73 / US $ 49.50.


S0 headphones have been designed to provide a balanced voice tag with the output of each part of the sound accurate and clear. The metallic accommodation and seamless wire provide a stylish appearance, durability and sense of order. The headset uses a Clearwavz microphone and uses a high-resolution silicone microphone with three-button control. This allows users to make voice calls and play audio tracks, which is much easier to control when the user can make voice calls on the go.

The headset comes with 9m millimeters, 16 ohm resistors and a 100 dB noise rate at 1MW with 10MW input rate, 1.2M copper cable and 3.5m gold-plated plug. The headset supports an Apple TV system, Video and audio level as well. The headset comes with 6 sets of silicon earpieces, one set of adaptable foam S-400, one short clip, one set of two-lip silicon ear tips, one set of silicon trichomonas, Velcro The instruction booklet is also attached, and a 24-month warranty card.

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