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KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5-Qt. Stand Mixer Review

Kitchen equipment’s makes our life easier with cooking process. Basically, they want to issue the food preparation method. A mixer may be a common instrumentation that may be wanting to prepare varied foods, together with cake baking. There are many mixers on the market that have totally different options and …

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Every 20-Something Should Own these 6 Gadgets

Smart Mart Yoga Mat

This is undoubtedly the era of advanced technology. Now a days, every people are conscious about their gadgets and search for the newest invention all the time. Today, as a young fellow, I am going to have a brief discussion about 12 must need gadgets that every 20-something should own. …

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Samsung Galaxy E5 Review

Samsung Galaxy E5

Recently, the most famous company of Korea, Samsung has announced its next mid-range Smartphone, the Galaxy E5. And they’ve assure, it will be available in the local market very soon. Nevertheless, the announcement has come pretty alongside with the announcement of Galaxy E7. So, we can expect both of those …

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

Samsung Galaxy A7

  Samsung has announced one of their finest production ever, the Galaxy A7. This was like some sort of New Year gift to all the Samsung Smartphone lovers. Personally, I love Samsung a lot, because of their conventional design and they always look for customer satisfaction. Galaxy A7 is told …

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Samsung Galaxy E7 Review

Samsung Galaxy E7

Brace yourself the mighty Galaxy fans! Samsung has announced their new flagship phone, the Galaxy E7, which will also be referred by the model number Samsung SM-E700F. The announcement just came after the realizing of Galaxy Grand Max. Now, we shall go through some depth reviews of Samsung Galaxy E7. …

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Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX 550 Reviews

Asus is coming up with some amazing Smartphones, which are quite capable of making tech geeks crazy. Few days ago, Asus announced about their upcoming device, the new Zenfone Zoom and it will avail is the second quarter of 2015. Most exceptionally, that device will be equipped with a highly …

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Review of Asus Pegasus

It has been more than 3 weeks that Asus have announced one of their budget Smartphones, the Pegasus. This is going to be the most affordable and high end Smartphone from Asus. Though it’s not from ZenFone family, but trust me guys, you all are going to admire it. That …

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Review of Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML

Asus ZenFone 2

We all are quite concerned about the fact that Android device or Smartphone makers are been continuously pushing the limits especially on specifications. Quite frankly, we all look for bigger RAM, smarter look and powerful battery. We seek for high end Smartphone within our affordability. By observing that fact, Asus …

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