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DICE describes the Battlefront 2 Loot System

Last week, the Battlefront 2 beta was released and everyone had their experience. The game as you expect is amazing, very impressive, both graphic and technical,and very fun too, but there was a point that aroused the indignation of everyone – the Loot Boxes and the game’s Crates. The game was attacked so much that we described it in our impression It is a free mobile game but comes disguised at full price.


Today, DICE has come out with an explanatory statement to illustrate these funds and their crisis and how to get them through their official website and said that the entire system was not available and did not appear fully in the beta, that the system we saw in the beta was part and there is still more work on it,so it does not appear in its real image and is not clear enough.

They made a list of clarifications as follows:

There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, Credits, Star cards or even success stops and different clothes and Emotes.
To make the game balanced we will make the strongest weapons in the game available only through the achievements within the game.
The boxes will include a mix of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses
You will be able to earn funds if you complete the challenges within the game or buy them using the game currency or real money
If you get a duplicate Star Cards card, they will be converted to Crafting parts so you can develop your existing cards
You will not be able to develop your cards and your weapons unless you reach a high level in the game and a high level of sophistication within the game.

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