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EMD AMD 2020 Peak and Dali roadmap leakage

Continuing its trend in leaking AMD chips AMD published the Informatica Cero website on the Internet that some of the company’s allegedly attributed segments that show AMD’s AMD chip strategy for 2020 about the new mobile-oriented processor-oriented look and hope performance is predictable Slightly from the style of the artist followed by the product name. Dali joins Renoir processors and Vermeer CPUs, which are expected to be based on 7 nm technology. Each of these products is included in the AMD Roadmap 2020. Dali is an interesting product and is likely to target tablets and small devices.


The latest thing users would like is AMD’s expectations of the Threadripper configuration of advanced computer CPUs, and the company looks forward to delivering these chips with the Nano 7 technology, called Castle Peak. AMD compares the performance of the Threadripper processors to a supercomputer truck, which the company seems to be hoping to introduce in early 2019.


AMD plans to further improve the products in a step that is a breakthrough in a good generation that the company will offer after 2020, as the company has done before with Zen and Zen + products. AMD expects that these processors will deliver them to a leading position in the computer market With advanced levels of performance, efficiency and new platform features you will be moving AMD to a new level in the market.

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