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EVGA announces its latest power source G + 1

The SuperNOVA G1 from EVGA is one of the best sources of energy. In terms of performance and long life span in the technology market. Although only a few changes have been made over the years. This means that it is time to update. It’s time to buy the G1 +, the new and improved power source from EVGA with an 80+ efficiency rating.

In addition, the G1 + energy sources feature a cleaner interior design to allow increased airflow. And a variable resistance unit (which increases voltage stability). And two units (from DC to DC) to increase the efficiency of the power switching process across all models. The power source has a full range of power supply protection. Ensuring the best EVGA in the world (10 year warranty) on all power sources of the G1 + series.

All energy sources of the G1 + series are shorter than 10 mM to 20 mM of G1. To give the user more space without having to give up the quality he gets.

Features of power source G1 +:

The G1 + power source enjoys a shorter length up to 20 mM shorter than its G1 counterpart. It also has a quieter fan and a longer life span. Operates through a dynamic fluid during a quiet and long-lasting process.


  • 12 volt voltage for a cleaner and more stable energy supply than before.
  • Features quieter performance up to 22% less while working under pressure.
  • The user gets a ten year warranty from EVGA.

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