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Every 20-Something Should Own these 6 Gadgets

This is undoubtedly the era of advanced technology. Now a days, every people are conscious about their gadgets and search for the newest invention all the time. Today, as a young fellow, I am going to have a brief discussion about 12 must need gadgets that every 20-something should own.

The craze for smart gadgets vary from person to person. More precisely, the choice varies from age to age. However, up to 30 years, people’s choices are quite identical. It means, the demand for technologically advanced gadgets remains same up to certain age. Frankly, this is not a matter of argument, of course it’s true. Despite the age difference and personality, there are something that every people should care about, every person should own for better lifestyle. And that’s what we are going to figure out.

In a very recent survey, it’s been found, more than 94% Americans of 18-32 ages keep cellphone and more than 72% Americans carry a laptop as a regular user. In that circumstance, 62% of total cellphone user wield their mobile for internet browsing, where about 50% of them perform their official work such as sending or receiving mails.

However, the 20-something that we are going to consider, are related to more devices and gadgets than just laptops and cellphones. Today, we can think about managing diet via smart-bracelets or movie streaming in tablet or making reservation for air tickets through Smart-Watches etc.

Let’s not extend the chitchat. The following are the 12 gadgets both for home and office that every twenty-something must possess.

  1. TrackR Bravo Keychain device locator

It’s not a matter of surprise and as a college student, you shouldn’t be stunned about this one. Though I am not a college student anymore, I sometimes also forget where my HTC One m8 is. This is simple to forget about cellphone, no matter if you are a student or professional person.

The TrackR Bravo Keychain device locator is made to get rid of such situation. This device is able to find out everything missing from your wallet or bike keys or anything. You just have to slip the Bravo speaker onto your keychain just before you keep it anywhere nearby.

If you can’t find anything, just open the app from your smartphone and you’ll have the signal for specific object. It’ll give noise till you find your thing. Keep in mind, TrackR works only within 100 feet, where you lost your item.

  1. MUSE Brain Sensing headband

Well, this is something amazing. We don’t always like to stay concentrated. But maintaining proper track is very important for a healthy and happy life. MUSE is a brain sensing headband, which will keep tracing your brain wave and instruct you to stay on proper track. This is one of the most important gadgets that every busy 20-something should own.

Nevertheless, this device is now vastly used in health related organizations. After putting on the band, you have to install a free app, through which you would get notification. You can set the notification time. So that you will always be getting update of your current situation.

Muse Brain Sensing Headband
Muse Brain Sensing Headband From: Amazon
  1. SmartMat smart yoga mat

I doubt whether you would go in your favorite yoga class after having this amazing SmartMat. May be you’re confused about which one is more helping. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars in boring yoga class or you perform your own exercise without spending bundle of money?

SmartMat yoga mat is more like a fitness tracker and kind of personal yoga instructor. By making use of the sensors on the mat’s surface, the software of SmartMat will calibrate your body’s dimensions. Then it would ask to select your exercise and then it will prove guideline through a flow of picture. It will also monitor whether you are doing to right or wrong.

Smart Mart Yoga Mat
Smart Mart Yoga Mat


  1. AirDog Auto Follow Drone

Yes, this is a drone and it’s made for action sport passionate. This basically a self-flying drone which is manually controlled by a wristband. AirDog drone carry’s one of the finest Sony’s actions camera’s or GoPro and follow skiers, surfers, mountain bikers to capture some of their breathe taking images.

When every the sport person’s climb hills or shred snow or hi waves, AirDog records each moment with the finest and stabilized video feeds. It also allows users to set the camera on specific angels.

Airdog Auto Follow Drone
Airdog Auto Follow Drone
  1. QBracelet Charging Bracelet

The period of carrying extra charger or chunky power bank is over now. This is the time to do everything with style. Charger or power bank connection always makes your Smartphone to look like a Gameboy. However, QBracelet is providing dual advantage at the same time.

Apparently, QBracelet can be used by stylist wristband and also as a cellphone charger when needed. If your phone somehow is running on low battery, you have to simply unclasp QBracelet and connect with the phone to generate power. It can charge your phone up to 60%. QBracelet is able to carry charge for 90 days. So, no need to bother about loading power regularly.

  1. Selfie Stick

This is probably the best-selling device in the last year. Some tech geeks may complain about selfie stick, but we can’t avoid the rapid popularity of this stick in 2014 and still now the demand is increasing. More than 100K Selfie Sticks were sold till December before Christmas in 2014.

If you are a normal smartphone user, you must know how this device works. You can snap your own or group photo from an identical distance. When you go for walk or sightseeing, you always wish to capture an image. If you don’t have anybody with you, Selfie Stick will be the only companion to capture your image. Selfie Stick can be extended about four feet’s and it adapts to compact cameras in addition to smartphones.

Selfie Stick Amazon
Selfie Stick Amazon

These are the 6 gadgets that every 20-something shouldn’t miss. Which product or device will be more helpful for you? Tell us and stay with us for more updates about latest technology.

Thank you.

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