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Gigabyte Announces New AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box Graphic’s card

Gigabyte has announced the release of its second model of the Outdoor Gaming Box. This unit is prepared  with the GTX 1080 Graphic’s card. The new External Box is designed for laptops with a mandatory Thunderbolt 3 link. The new unit is also equipped with power supply units. Gigabyte has already released the GTX 1070 graphics card model. The new revised update revealed that the advanced GTX 1080 graphics card has a 1607MHz operating rate with a speed of 1733 MHz ,Memory data transfer frequency is  To 10010 MHz, and the size of the new units External Box 96 Width x 212 Depth x 162 mm Height, the weight is 2370 grams, the strength of the power supply unit supplied with the new units is 450 watts, which have a certificate of classification of 80 PLUS GOLD certification, Of course, there are about 16.7 million colors, and also full-color RGB Fusion lighting.

Features and Specifications of the new AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box

Graphics Card Included:  GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, which enables users to use graphics-intensive games, as well as a unique virtual reality experience

Links: The Thunderbolt 3 connection is mandatory for plug and play.

Size: The units are easy to carry, with a size of 96 x 212 x 162 mm height and carry able with a weight of 2370 g.

Support: Supports fast charging (QC 3.0) and power connection (PD 3.0), and also supports three USB 3.0 ports for peripherals.

Lighting: RGB Fusion and custom color lighting 16.7m.

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