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Leaks for the next Nokia 9

What is known about the new smartphone Nokia 9 so far indicates that the phone comes at a price is a little high compared to specifications, which is close to the price of the phone Galaxy S8 from Samsung, for the common price of the Nokia phone about 700 US dollars, and about 12600 Egyptian pounds, and SR 2625, AED 2570, and of course the popular Nokia 9 is characterized by many features and features that bring the phone closer to the price.


The Nokia 9 comes from the Finnish company Nokia with an attractive and powerful design.It comes with a strong metal design to withstand shocks and falls. The phone has an IP68 certificate, which means the Nokia 9 comes waterproof and dusty.it holds under the surface of the water for a distance of one meter and for 30 minutes

The stylish design of the phone is also excellent. The Nokia 9 comes with a design with curves from the front and back. This features the phone in terms of design. The curved screen of the phone comes with a large offset from the phone interface, adding beauty to the overall shape of the phone.

The leakage information about the colors are that the phone will be available in the markets in light blue, polished blue, gray steel, and polished brass.

According to the Nokia 9 phone leaked images, the design of the phone is very attractive considering the screen that comes with a large offset from the front of the phone, the curves of the phone from the front and back, attractive colors, and because the leak from the phone comes with a metal design, The design area, because of its attractive shape and strong design and strong.

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