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LG is planning for launching a mini-version of the LG G6


There is good and recent news about the LG Company is preparing for launching a mini-version from its pioneer

Smartphone LG G6.

The new version of the LG G6 will not be called as G6 Mini but will be offered under a new name and with a different category like Q6. The new version of that smartphone is presenting with the same exotic screen dimensions of its pioneer Smartphone version, which is 18: 9 aspect ratio, 5.4 inches in width, so that not seems much smaller than its pioneer version, while the new version screen will occupy more space in the front of the Smartphone.

No one can deny that the new version will come with technical specifications less than its pioneer version.

The phone back comes with a 13-megapixel camera with 3 GB random memory, But until now, we haven’t accurate information about the LG company will use the same of its pioneer versions processor

Snape Dragon 821 or will adopt the new Snape Dragon 835. No one knows the accurate date of launching of the new version of LG G6 in the market, but there`s expectation about the date of launching will come close, because of the new version of the Smartphone has received the certificate of identification from the US FCC under the model M700. But why the LG company had chosen a new name for a new category instead of naming it as " a mini-version of its pioneer Version ? may be the LG Company don’t need to affect the reputation of its pioneer version or that want to launch it as new generation of LG smartphones with slimming and simple features.



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