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Huawei offers smart phone charging platforms at a number of Saudi airports

As part of its customer care and convenience, Huawei Consumer Group has provided smartphones and smartphones to a number of Saudi Arabian airports in a move to facilitate the shipment and use of passenger equipment while waiting for them in the airport lounge. Huawei has been providing Huawei’s supercharged freight …

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Silicon Power announces the first SSD hard drives with a quick interface components

Silicon Power, a leading provider of high-performance memory solutions, has announced two versions of the first SSDs with the P32A80 and P32A85, the first two high-performance, long-lasting peripherals in a solid SSD . P32A80 and P32A85 are ideal solutions for high-performance SSDs for high performance and fast performance. Silicon Power …

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AMD Launches Release No. 18.2.2 to Identify Radeon Adrenalin Edition

The American company AMD released version 18.2.2 to identify the graphics cards Radeon Adrenalin Edition equipped to support the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which launched two days ago to get the best performance consistent when running, and adds some improvements for the game Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

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