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Qualcomm wants to stop iPhone producing and selling in China

Qualcomm faces some difficulties since the beginning of 2017; Apple has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company, and the battle between the two companies has been in existence since then. In recent developments, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple to stop the production and sale of all iPhones in …

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Crazy justice supports Cosplay between different platforms

This is probably one of the most wanted things for players and users of different platforms. There is no compelling reason why each platform has its own network and prevents you from playing with your friends on different platforms. Black Riddles Studio seemed to listen to the demands of users …

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Age of empires postponed for early 2018

Microsoft announced today that the revised version of Age Of Empires has postponed to a fixed date but aims to release it at the beginning of 2018. As Microsoft announced, developers are aiming to redevelop the whole game as they remember it, not just or improve graphics but also to …

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