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Leaks for the next Nokia 9

What is known about the new smartphone Nokia 9 so far indicates that the phone comes at a price is a little high compared to specifications, which is close to the price of the phone Galaxy S8 from Samsung, for the common price of the Nokia phone about 700 US …

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Upgrade Nokia 8 operating system to an Oryo update

After Nokia suffered a loss in sales of its smart phones, the company acknowledged that the reason for these losses is the operating system of its versions of smart phones, as Nokia was issuing smart phones to run Windows from Microsoft, the company that bought shares of the Finnish company …

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DICE describes the Battlefront 2 Loot System

Last week, the Battlefront 2 beta was released and everyone had their experience. The game as you expect is amazing, very impressive, both graphic and technical,and very fun too, but there was a point that aroused the indignation of everyone – the Loot Boxes and the game’s Crates. The game …

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