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The HORIZON: ZERO DAWN version is in one of the stores.

According to the information, this version will be released on December 7 includes the original game with its additional contents and all updates made to it. Of course, after the news spread the store rushed to remove this version immediately. always keep this news circle rumors until confirmed by the …

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The SURVIVAL SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION is available for free for a limited time

  Available for one week Bethesda company has promised to provide the Survival Phase of Skyrim Special Editionfor free for the first week of its release. With the release of PC, PS 4 and Xbox One, everyone can try it for free. It works in a way that is similar …

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The most detailed and accurate XBOX ONE X version of AC ORIGINS.

The French publishing company explained that Assassin’s Creed Origins offers the most detailed and the largest map in the history of the series . It takes place in Ptolemaic Egypt and provides the most famous cities where ancient Egyptians lived in that era such as Alexandria, Memphis, Fayoum and Giza …

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