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Full Screen OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5 has recently been reported in many international markets because of its popularity, success and high proprities. As a result,chinese OnePlus co decided to launch a new version of the phone soon. OnePlus 3, which released the version of OnePlus 3T after only 5 months of its introduction, seems …

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The Long Reach is officially announced

  Today announced in a package of pictures about a new title coming in the form of adventure centered on the story in the atmosphere of horror under the name of The Long Reach. It is taking place in the city of Baervox America and the role of the hero …

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More missions in the next update of the game Clash Royale

  The upcoming Clash Royale update seems to carry much . After announcing the upcoming Touchdown in the next update and presented as a very enjoyable competitive experience, the game continues to reveal more of it, it is according to the backdrop of what was posted through its official Twitter …

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