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Brainwavz offers its users in the UK the B400 four-wheeled earphones

Brainwavz was founded in 2008 with a focus on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. The company today announced the availability of the United Kingdom’s four-wheel-drive B400 earphones. The launch of the new B400 earphones follows the launch of the B200 speakers in the UK last June, which was praised …

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FSP announces the Hydro PTM + 1400W power supply module designed with Bitspower

FSP, one of the world’s leading power supply companies, announced the latest advanced power source, Hydro PTM +. Following the announcement of the company’s initial energy source at the 2017 Computex, where the company received a positive feedback from fans of hardware and computer games, the Hydro PTM + 1200W …

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Thermaltake launches the world’s first power source with artificial intelligence that can be controlled by sound

Thermalaltake has introduced artificial intelligence into its intelligent power management system and has unveiled the voice control feature that enhances the DPS G mobile application. It makes control for mine operators and game lovers easier ,better and enables them to adjust the design of a powerful computer system. Currently, Is …

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