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Qualcomm wants to stop iPhone producing and selling in China

Qualcomm faces some difficulties since the beginning of 2017; Apple has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company, and the battle between the two companies has been in existence since then.
In recent developments, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple to stop the production and sale of all iPhones in China. Although China is not the most profitable country for Apple in terms of iPhone sales, most of the devices are manufactured there. Qualcomm claims in the lawsuit that Apple has violated the company’s patent rights, and that Apple is using technologies invented by Qualcomm without paying for it.

The company explained that Apple violated three patents, most notably the technology used to run the Force Touch Force on all iPhone devices introduced since the iPhone 6S (except iPhone SE); but Apple won the case for two patents under dispute.

Qualcomm filed the suit formally against Apple on Sept. 29 to the Beijing court, which hasn’t apply any specific details to the public yet .

A day before the news came out, the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission had fined Qualcomm $ 773 million. The company said the fine would not affect the company.

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