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The strangest 10 phones in terms of design and overall format

These days, everyone is interested in both the iPhone X and Pixel 2 after they were finally launched with their distinctive design, but in this article we will look at some phones that came in a strange design and unique:

One of these phones is the Nokia N-Gage phone and Nokia seems to have designed it for people who like video games because it looks like a game console.


Next comes a Nokia phone, the Nokia 7600, released in 2003, but it’s like a thermometer, released in 1983. it comes with a small square shape design, making it hard for anyone to know what’s in your front pocket.


As for the new phones, the Blackberry Passport comes with a rectangular design, and large size.


There is also the Motorola Flipout phone released in 2010, comes with a square shape design, and its design is very strange for many people.


The folding phones have gained a lot of popularity in the past, they have already launched folding phones, but they have made some changes to the Sidekick phone. Instead of dragging the keyboard, you can pull the screen up in the middle,this design is suitable for people who write lots of text messages.


The next phone is the KFC, which is on the smart phone market in China. It is made by HUAWEI and carries its brand below the KFC brand, the image of Colonel Sanders.

kfc smartphone

The Vertu Signature Touch comes in a design that looks familiar and reasonable, but is covered from the outside with the skins of some reptiles like crocodiles . It is suitable for people who believe that crocodile leather is proof of wealth and fashion.



But the price of the Vertu Signature Touch is not expensive for the $ 16,000 Sirin Labs, and it is the safest phone that saves data in a very secure way.


On the other side are cheap Bluetooth phones, which are very small in size, they are the same size as the Bluetooth headset, and you can buy them from Amazon.



Finally, the RED smartphone is priced close to the price of the iPhone X. This phone comes with a different and funky design.




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