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Upgrade Nokia 8 operating system to an Oryo update

After Nokia suffered a loss in sales of its smart phones, the company acknowledged that the reason for these losses is the operating system of its versions of smart phones, as Nokia was issuing smart phones to run Windows from Microsoft, the company that bought shares of the Finnish company since Not long, but after these losses it was time for change so that the company could remain in the market and compete with other giants of technology companies that fought through a lot to reach what they have now.

This is why the Finnish company decided to renew its smart phones and the issuance of new smart phones come to operate the Android operating systems from Google, because of the reluctance of a large number of users to use a smartphone running Windows, which brought the phones of Nokia before.

The company launched its latest smartphone in its Nokia 8 series in September, and the phone comes after a long wait for users to experience what Nokia announced on its latest Nokia phone 8 of the specifications and features galvanized users to desire the experience, the phone came to the market to run Android version 7.1.1 (Noga).


The development of this phone has not only stopped at Nokia, but Nokia has confirmed that it will be able to upgrade the operating systems of Android phones to the latest operating system Android version 8.0 (Oryo), to be applied to all Android phones running Android by the end of this year.

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