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When will iPhone 8 be revealed ?!

Apple is expected to hold its annual conference to announce iPhone 8 and other products on September 12, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

The report says that Apple is preparing to unveil the iPhone 8, along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, improved, and will announce the company’s Apple TV, which supports the display technology, “4K” and the new Apple smart clock.

The Wall Street Journal report, after the French site “Mac4Ever” revealed that Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone on September 12, but the company did not respond to these leaks so far, according to Russia today.

Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 8 coincides with the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, and is expected to come with the new iPhone equipped with face recognition technology and the screen “edge-to-edge” to capture the entire interface of the device almost, according to the Wall Street Journal and the Agency Bloomberg.

The price of the new phone may start at $ 1,000, according to separate reports from the New York Times and Fast, and some expect the device to be named for iPhone 8 or iPhone

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