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Why Apple’s iPhone 8 Has Serious Problems?!

Experts on smart phone technology have criticized the most prominent feature of the iPhone 8, scheduled for launch on September 12, which is to identify the user through the fingerprint. Experts say that the technology of opening the smartphone through the recognition of the face may be a “stupid” Devices can be easily fooled into faces other than the faces of their real users.

There are many fears that this feature may be a means of circumvention, through which personal phones may be compromised by others, and by snooping on their personal data and sensitive information.

Since iPhone 8 will be able to unlock and recognize the user’s face without touching, it may create a potential security vulnerability that can turn this smartphone into an unrivaled spy device for hackers.

Technology experts doubt the ability of database giants to create unique fingerprints that mark the faces of millions of people, but this feature can help advertisers and marketers better. But this feature may fail to recognize the faces of some users, especially if they use masks to deceive Smart devices or even makeup.


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